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Dr. Smith has been treating patient’s for 18+ years.  Many of his patients have been kind enough to leave feedback in the form of reviews.  If you are considering Dr. Smith as a provider, please read what others have to say.  If you have been under care, please feel free to share your experiences.

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yelp stars 5  Dr Morgan Smith is absolutely the best. I went off a neighbor's recommendation and so worth it. I have chronic neck, back and shoulder issues. I'm just a hot mess... read more

thumb Rich G.

yelp stars 5  After living with a repetitive running injury for far too long I finally found relief from Dr Smith. He offers a variety of treatments to target the injury and provides... read more

thumb Kristie B.

yelp stars 5  100% believe the hype!! Dr. Smith is truly amazing and I've been recommending him nonstop to all of my friends and gym mates.

I injured my neck in a bad jiu... read more

thumb Claire W.

yelp stars 5  Hands down the best chiropractor and deep tissue massage therapist I have ever met!
Dr. Smith has alleviated most of the chronic pain in my lower back, hip, knee and... read more

thumb Ati S.

yelp stars 5  Morgan Smith is the best chiropractor I've seen, and I've been getting treated since I was 4. A lot of the issues that affect me are soft tissue related, and... read more

thumb Jon R.

yelp stars 5  Unbelievable. Dr. Smith is hands down a master bodyworker. I just completed an initial 60 minute therapy session after suffering from a lower back injury from extraneous weightlifting. Immediately after... read more

thumb Sterling P.

yelp stars 5  Dr. Smith is simply amazing. I am very happy with my visit and can't wait to have my family members visit him and experience the knowledge and healing arts from... read more

thumb Zaira M.

yelp stars 5  I have been to many Chiropractors In The Bay Area. Dr. Smith was above and beyond the best. I have had problems with my hips for a long time. Even... read more

thumb Joshua D.

yelp stars 5  Dr. Morgan Smith is an amazing healer. In one visit he emancipated my body from much chronic, nagging pain, discomfort, malalignment and scar tissue. I am so thankful and looking... read more

thumb Katy M.

yelp stars 5  Dr. Smith was awesome.  Very friendly, knowledgeable, and I like his office.  His service is exceptional.  Already referring to friends and family.

thumb Chris A.

yelp stars 5  Dr. Smith's treatment was incredible. I feel so much better and feel my body as light as if it is finally breathing! Wish I had his treatment earlier.

thumb Nae H.

yelp stars 5  I was really looking forward to my visit with Dr. Smith based on other reviews, and my expectations were exceeded! After a quick summary of the problems I was experiencing,... read more

thumb Julie P.

yelp stars 5  Dr. Smith did an amazing job of finding the source of my pain. I've seen a lot of Doctors, specialists and massage therapists and no one really made any progressive.... read more

thumb Madison T.

yelp stars 5  Dr. Smith helped me with a lifetimes worth of chronic pain and injury. Not only through massage and adjustments, he also gave me the tools to help myself in the... read more

thumb Mickaela D.

yelp stars 5  Really appreciated Dr Smith's holistic approach to my issue.  Presents as knowledgeable, empathetic, and professional.  A great experience overall - he'll be my go to Chiro moving forward.  10 Stars!

thumb demian f.

yelp stars 5  Dr. Morgan was very friendly, thorough and attentive to my unique needs. He followed up with an email with videos of the stretches we did in session which was very... read more

thumb Albert V.

yelp stars 5  Dr. Smith is a miracle-worker. In just one session he was able to accurately diagnose and work hands-on with an injury that many other Acupuncturists, Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, and Pain... read more

thumb Justin C.

yelp stars 5  Obsessed. After just one session with Dr. Smith, my body has responded accordingly in the right direction. Dr. Smith is intuitive,  knowledgeable, experienced, professional and passionate about mapping out a... read more

thumb Marcia S.

yelp stars 5  Friendly, knowledgeable, skilled, and dedicated - everything you could want in a therapist. I would highly recommend Dr. Smith to anyone looking to clear up any and all issues with... read more

thumb Dominic N.

yelp stars 5  Saw Dr.Smith got the first time last week to address ongoing hip tightness that I've dealing with for months. Initial impressions are positive for informative website, ease of booking, and... read more

thumb james p.

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