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About Dr. Smith Award-Winning Sports Chiropractor​ | Placitas, NM Dr. Smith was named “Best of Atlanta” by Atlanta Magazine in 2015 & 2018.  He moved from Atlatanta to San Francisco in 2018 and more recently relocated to Placitas, New Mexico in 2021.  As his practice continues to build, clients are coming from Placitas and the […]Read More

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Alternative Healthcare Blog Posts Sports Chiropractic & Massage | Health Topics Welcome to our Alternative Healthcare blog where we present a deep exploration of whatever strikes our fancy. Some articles will be directly related to topics such as pain syndromes, a deeper understanding of stress and inflammation, and self-care. Others will go in a different […]Read More

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Frequently Asked Questions Sports Chiropractic & Massage | Placitas, NM Answers to your FAQ’s. You’ve got questions when it comes to finding an Alternative Healthcare Provider, and Dr. Smith will do his best to help you answer them.  Answers to more common questions regarding Insurance, What to Expect on your First Visit, and even the […]Read More

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Our Reviews Sports Chiropractic & Massage | Placitas, NM Dr. Smith has been treating patient’s for 18+ years.  Many of his patients have been kind enough to leave feedback in the form of reviews.  If you are considering Dr. Smith as a provider, please read what others have to say.  If you have been under […]Read More