We are proud to offer world class healthcare in the beautiful Village of Placitas, NM.  Constantly trying to improve ourselves, we do our best to stay on top of the latest innovations in bodywork. We also understand the limitations of our field and do our best to work with specialists in the surrounding Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Bernalillo, and Rio Rancho communities. Let us be part of  your holistic health care team.

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Rob G.Rob G.
21:46 06 Dec 23
I had a great experience with Morgan. He is very knowledgeable, professional, his office is spotlessly clean and easy to find.I’d recommend him to my friends and clients.
Pat StanleyPat Stanley
21:05 28 Nov 23
Morgan took care of my knotted muscles and had up and going in no time! Bravo, Morgan! So glad to have you in Placitas!
Nancy TimperNancy Timper
00:01 21 Nov 23
I injured myself at yoga and Dr Smith guided me through my recovery with his extensive knowledge of soft tissue healing. Highly recommended.
Paul JonesPaul Jones
23:44 14 Nov 23
Dr. Morgan Smith is amazing, and I don't use that term lightly. I have worked with two other chiropractors on a particular issue I have. I had good experiences with both of the other chiros, but Dr. Smith identified some root causes of that issue which no one else had ever noticed. His knowledge & thoroughness set him apart from the others. I know there are a number of other high ratings & favorable reviews of his services. I'm happy to add my voice to the others.
Nancy TimperNancy Timper
13:17 10 Nov 23
Morgan knows his stuff and is very helpful. He jumps right in and gets to the root of the problem. If you have an injury - see him first!
Stephenie ZamoraStephenie Zamora
13:40 01 Nov 23
Dr. Morgan Smith was attentive and thorough in his exam, and was also very gentle with my hurt back. He made sure to check in and explain everything he was doing and why, and he clearly cared about figuring out the issue and helping me feel better, mixing different techniques as needed! Highly recommend his services!
Hera KnightHera Knight
13:58 14 Sep 23
Dr Smith is extremely knowledgeable and thorough! I am quite impressed with his approach and follow through to get me back on track with my complicated spine!
Pat OkeeffePat Okeeffe
22:32 30 Aug 23
He is very through and explained everything as he goes. Very good and clear direction.
David MurrayDavid Murray
11:21 25 Aug 23
Morgan is by far the best. He is more knowledgeable than my primary care and ready to address the issue with a genuine passion to help and heal.
Bob DaveyBob Davey
14:57 20 Jul 23
First time patient. I was impressed with how much Dr. Smith sought to understand what my problem was. He also wanted to know how I had tried previously to address them. Only then did he proceed with his own approach - - a deep massage. At the end of the session he told me what to expect and when to look for results. He didn't want to set another appointment until I was sure this was working. Who does that? I feel very confident that the patient's problems become his when you walk through the door.
Kristina ZitoKristina Zito
18:41 18 Jul 23
Dr. Smith is a miracle worker. I had an hamstring injury that was causing a lot of pain and stiffness in my lower back. He manipulated and massaged where the scar tissue had formed and all I can say is WOW ! I woke up with significantly less pain and stiffness. Dr. Smith said it will keep on improving. I really should have gone sooner.
Diane GonanoDiane Gonano
02:31 28 Jun 23
debbra sirmansdebbra sirmans
15:45 24 Jun 23
DR. Smith was amazing.. he really helped me with my fibromyalgia...I will continue to see him regularly
Momma MickiMomma Micki
21:42 31 May 23
Very happy to have found Dr Smith. Was having foot pain that no one else could alleviate. Not only did he provide an effective treatment, but he also showed me stretches and movements to help prevent future pain. Highly recommend him.
Mandy WittMandy Witt
02:07 05 May 23
I cannot recommend Dr. Smith enough - he is truly exceptional at what he does! He used a combination of chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue work, exercises and a few other treatments to help alleviate the pain and gain function in my shoulder. Thanks to his expertise, I feel like I am on tracking to an expedient recovery. Overall, I cannot recommend Dr. Smith enough, I will definitely be back if I have more issues in the future!
Laura E SummersLaura E Summers
18:48 30 Mar 23
A friend referred me to see Dr Morgan Smith and I’m so glad I met him! I’ve been to many different healers over the years but he actually taught me something new about my chronic pain and gave me the means to continue the work at home. I’m confident with his guidance the next time I come to see him I will have progressed! Do yourself a favor… if you’re suffering in pain set up your own appointment today! Dr Smith’s healing touch and extensive body knowledge is impressive. Taking care of the self should be everyone’s number one priority. It’s mine once again!
Kyle BrouwerKyle Brouwer
19:13 14 Mar 23
The chiropractic side of Dr. Smith’s practice, his understanding of injuries, and his level of precision in identifying the source is top notch. After helping me understand my injuries, he gave me a strengthening routine to do at home. He didn’t tell me I needed to come see him once or twice a week for months like many of his peers have. I’ve been looking for someone I’ve coined as an “artist” of the body for quite some time. Everyone has always fallen short. But I believe I’ve found an artist in Dr. Smith.I’m going back for a massage in two weeks, and am looking forward to seeing that side of his practice.I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of relief.
Cheri ZettelCheri Zettel
02:48 17 Feb 23
Dr. Smith is considerate and has a wealth of knowledge, as well as an extensive tool box of solutions for muscle and joint issues. I feel my aging semi-athletic body is in good hands.
April HerrenApril Herren
20:52 14 Feb 23
I had a great appointment with Dr. Smith today. I felt seen and heard. And I feel certain I will see improvement in the physical issues I came to see him for. I 100% recommend him and I look forward to my next appointment.
22:55 20 Jan 23
I've suffered from lower back pain, sciatic nerve, involuntary muscle spasms, and hip flexor issues for many years now. I've have tried a few prior methods, such as morden medicine, and other holistic healers with minimal results. Dr. Smith is a kind, professional, and honest healer. My body is healing very wel.I was give accurate diagnosiss and remedies for all my allments! thank you Doctor
Vicky KimmelVicky Kimmel
19:36 16 Dec 22
broken back when a young girl-- have always been very active and chiropractors have kept me going for all these years.. I can quickly identify the chiropractors who are very very good and Dr Smith is beyond very very of the best ever
Kerry MyersKerry Myers
16:43 04 Dec 22
Dr. Morgan Smith is the most talented chiropractor and healer I have ever been to. He knows how to isolate the issue and move forward with healing, and he uses a variety of techniques to get to the root of the problem. I could not live without him!
Holly MaeHolly Mae
00:10 04 Dec 22
Very thorough exam and effective treatment. Also a bit painful, but 100% worth it. My range of motion improved after my first visit and the pain that I have been experiencing for a long period of time has been noticeably diminished. Will be a patient for life, unless Dr. Morgan moves away.
Eddie SessaEddie Sessa
20:38 03 Aug 22
My first appointment with Dr. Morgan Smith was incredible! He addressed my SI Joint pain with massage and adjustments. Then he showed me how to perform my own physical therapy routine that should effectively address the underlying causes of my particular issue. Wasn't pushy to schedule another appointment either; he is leaving that up to me based on how I feel moving forward. This man is a credit to his profession and I highly recommend!
Nina AmirNina Amir
16:14 01 Jun 22
I've been to tons of chiropractors, and I'm very picky. I love Dr. Smith, and my body feels better now than it has in years. Dr. Smith provides many modalities to help my recurring back and neck issues, plus he offers stretches and exercises to strengthen weak areas. Rather than wanting to just adjust me, he wants me to heal and get stronger so I don't need him as often. And...I do, indeed, schedule chiropractic appointments less often than I did in the past. I can't recommend Dr. Smith enough!
Demian FitzgeraldDemian Fitzgerald
04:00 27 Apr 22
I’ve had a ton of general bodywork over the years. Dr Smith is far and away the best in my experience. You will not be disappointed!!
00:15 27 Apr 22
Dr Smith had been a God-send. I first went to him for lymphatic massage post-surgery. Dr Smith has helped me with my chiropractic needs. I leave feeling refreshed, de-toxified, and in a better state of health. His practice is like no other. He also instructs you how to care for your ailment and improve your state of health at home.
V. BrooksV. Brooks
02:10 24 Feb 22
Really attentive to underlying patterns in the body and gives advice on how to correct them. Will really work with you to identify and heal root issues as opposed to just maintaining/managing pain. Very good bedside manner and funny as well. I was very scared to see a chiropractor as I don’t like to be touched and someone pushing and pulling and cracking all on my back? Uh, no thanks. But now going to see Morgan is one of the best parts of the month and a necessity for my self care.
Tom HDTom HD
20:15 14 Feb 22
I had cancer 12 years ago in my throat. With chemo, radiation and surgery my neck has been a wreck for all that time - even with visiting massage therapists and chiropractors. After being rear- ended back in October, I found Dr. Smith up there next to the Merc in Placitas. I've never known a wholistic chiropractor, before, and am sure glad I now have. I've had good chiropractors, and I've had good massage therapists, but Dr. Smith puts them both in the dust by comparison. My neck is no longer "crunchy" and so tight it surprised everyone who has ever touch it. We're not quite done, but I'm getting better than I've been since before the cancer. Bravo Dr. Smith!
I love Dr. Smith!He is amazing! What is so wonderful is he actually "wants" you to heal and feel better.He is patient, warm hearted and teaches you modalities to access those areas that need attention for yourself, with simple exercises, that he even emails you!He can figure out the exact muscle that is giving you the problem and actually explains why and how your issue developed! And then what you can do to help it along!A+++
Vimbayi KajeseVimbayi Kajese
17:27 07 Dec 21
Dr Smith is the best! He has very good detective-like instincts that get to the cause of some of my seemingly mysterious issues. I also appreciate a dose of his energy work before important presentations to have that clarity and alignment.
Nicolas PintoNicolas Pinto
19:42 04 Dec 21
Amazing attention to detail. Great care. Highly recommended.
Scotty HuhnScotty Huhn
17:26 20 Nov 21
I’ve gone to Morgan for years in San Francisco. He’s an absolute master. Perfect combination of adjustments and massage therapy. He’s helped me rehabilitate injuries and keep my body moving well. Highly recommend!
Judy MahtabanJudy Mahtaban
00:47 19 Nov 21
Dr. Morgan is super knowledgeable in a variety of modalities and brings so much expertise to bear with each treatment. I think of him as a true healer; he works so hard and puts so much into each session to support my healing and overall health. I highly recommend his care and think he is also great value for the money!
Mal LaMal La
00:29 10 Nov 21
Dr. Smith is the best chiropractor I’ve ever been to. He‘s become the one I‘m sending all my friends to when they struggle with any orthopedic issue. I initially saw him two years ago after a shoulder injury. He not only helped me to avoid a surgery - but thanks to a mix of massage techniques and PT, my shoulder is totally back to normal now.He is also a really kind and fun human being. Consider yourself lucky to have him in your neighborhood!
AtiSF CaAtiSF Ca
21:30 08 Nov 21
Hands down the best chiropractor and deep tissue massage therapist I have ever met!Dr. Smith has alleviated most of the chronic pain in my lower back, hip, knee and neck/shoulders in only a few sessions!I've been to many physical therapists, doctors, chiropractors,deep tissue massage therapy and even painful rolfing sessions and none of them were able to adequately address my issues.Dr. Smith took the time to understand my issues, explained the cause and mechanism of the pain & treatment and worked with me to develop a comprehensive plan to get my back, neck/shudders, knee, hip healthy again. The treatments are of the highest caliber and his bedside manner is relaxing.I highly recommend Dr. Smith to anyone who is suffering from chronic pain.
Cecily ChudacoffCecily Chudacoff
16:45 06 Nov 21
Dr. Smith is a special talent. He is a healer in tune with mind, body and spirit. I've had the great pleasure of receiving not only his masterful massages, but also his Reiki and Sound healings, as well as his Chiropractic adjustments. I cannot recommend Dr. Smith enough. He is the best.... I will be traveling to New Mexico to visit him soon!
Jon RosenJon Rosen
19:20 31 Oct 21
Morgan Smith is the best chiropractor I've seen, and I've been getting treated since I was 4. A lot of the issues that affect me are soft tissue related, and the time Dr. Smith takes to not only do manipulations, but to also do extensive soft tissue work is what really makes the difference. He is really phenomenal, and to top it all off, he is a great person and I really enjoy spending time with him.
Forrest CarrollForrest Carroll
15:50 12 Oct 21
I have never found anyone who can identify and understands muscular-skeletal issues as swiftly, confidently, and accurately as Morgan Smith. I am a distance and high-impact athlete prone to injury. Morgan has helped me recover from countless injuries, including chronic tendonitis + long-term concussion symptoms. Morgan Smith is a magician of the highest caliber. If you see an available time slot, book it before I do.
Chrissy HeitmanChrissy Heitman
01:19 15 Jul 21
The best. Morgan and Marcy are both very good. They are experienced and really know what they are doing. At first I was hesitant but after the first session I trusted them and was able to relax. I highly recommend them
Breanna BautistaBreanna Bautista
04:16 23 Jun 21
I came into this office not knowing what to expect, I recently had surgery done & was instructed to get post op lymphatic drainage massages. I went to a couple people I was referred to, and they just were super aggressive with what is supposed to be a very light touch massage. It hurt so badly to get them done, I was very much traumatized. So I did my research and came across this office. It’s close to my house so I figured why not! I came in for my initial appointment with Dr. Smith and he was super informative and was nothing but very light in touch (thank god!). And best of all I see a dramatic difference with my swelling and draining all because of being properly taken care of. I now come in weekly to get my massages done, and have also just been seen by the other Dr. her name is Marcy, she is so good at what she does too! I recommend them for your go to massages and chiropractic needs! Very punctual, neat & clean!
Sterling PriceSterling Price
22:15 15 May 21
Unbelievable. Dr. Smith is hands down a master bodyworker. I just completed an initial 60 minute therapy session after suffering from a lower back injury from extraneous weightlifting. Immediately after one session, I can finally move and the pain has lifted. He is professional, caring and focused. He quickly identified the strained muscles and applied body work techniques. Looking forward to the next session in a few weeks. What an experience!
Nathan TaylorNathan Taylor
01:19 28 Oct 20
This was, simply put, the best massage and the best chiropractic appointment I have ever received. Dr. Avila is kind, perceptive, and absolutely expert in her applied understanding of the interconnected systems of the body. I'm a customer for life.
Martine MeyerMartine Meyer
16:43 17 Oct 20
I have had body work with all types of practitioners for 10 years and Dr. Smith is one of, if not the most, comprehensive and intuitive body workers I’ve worked with. I’ve been seeing him as needed for a few months and he is always pushing me to help my body heal (atypical of lots of chiropractors who put you on a frequent treatment plan and just crack your back when they see you). 10/10 highly recommend!
Julie PetersonJulie Peterson
08:54 25 Sep 20
Fantastic! Sports Chiropractic & Massage is so helpful and my back is feeling better already! Between the Pilates, massage, and adjustments, it's a truly nurturing place. The entire staff is kind and helpful!
penny Edwardspenny Edwards
16:06 08 Sep 20
Absolutely Fabulous! very safe and professional. very knowledgeable and friendly and completely listened to what I really needed to be focused on. :) :) :)
Katy RosenKaty Rosen
04:25 23 Aug 20
Dr. Morgan Smith is an amazing healer. In one visit he emancipated my body from much chronic, nagging pain, discomfort, malalignment and scar tissue. I am so thankful and looking forward to my next session to clear away some more. I have hope for my body again.He is very likable and put me at ease immediately. And he gave me an exercise program to further my progress at home. Yay!His treatment room is very clean and private. I highly recommend! The only difficulty reaching him is a flight of steps, but once you’re in, you’re in good hands.
Tailor TannerTailor Tanner
17:48 18 Aug 20
My experience with Dr. Smith ranks far and above any other massage therapist I have every seen (this was my first chiropractic experience so I can't compare to other). His approach is holistic and geared towards solving the problems that are causing symptoms rather than just temporarily alleviating tension and symptoms. He taught me exercises and stretches I can incorporate into my routine to help fix the issues that I am having permanently. I would recommend Dr. Smith to any one who is having any pain, tension, or tightness.
elena herediaelena heredia
18:56 23 Nov 19
I found Dr. Smith by chance and so glad I did. I have been suffering from chronic neck problems for years. I saw him one time and he definitely eased my pain. He knew exactly where my problem areas were located and treated all of them. I can't wait to come back.
Megan StevensonMegan Stevenson
20:46 10 Nov 19
What an amazing practitioner! Morgan is so adaptive to whatever you're going through. I came because of the first time client discount, but I've stayed on because there's no one better.
Storee MossStoree Moss
23:00 18 Oct 18
Morgan has been the best adjuster I have had. He is super knowledgeable about the body and working with injuries and healing. Most chiropractors I have seen in the past just go through a standard routine and hardly seem to know how to accommodate an individual, but Morgan is totally different. His knowledge about the human body and health shows, and he is constantly improving on it. I highly recommend him!
Fran WestFran West
20:28 06 Sep 18
Dr. Smith saved me when my back went out, and he gave exercises and ball instructions to use at home that I still use for preventative and maintenance. He really wants people to be able to take care of themselves and heal. He is so knowledgeable and skilled in many different modalities including gentle- effective approaches for those, like me, who don't like having their backs "cracked". He's intuitive, and he's innovative. He also helped my husband with a hamstring injury and 14 yr. son soccer and tennis injuries. I love Dr. Smith. He's by far THE BEST therapist I ever seen. Plus, he's such a kind, positive person. San Francisco is so lucky to have him. Best wishes.
Renee PrevalletRenee Prevallet
20:13 21 Aug 18
I was raised to believe that chiropractors were charlatans, so I was late to recognize the benefits. A close friend who is a respected doctor has been waxing poetic for years about Dr. Morgan's skills so I finally decided give it a try. After my first session with Dr. Morgan I was a believer! Years of bad habits and stress had taken it's toll, and he was able to pin-point all my problems and offer relief. He also gave me a series of exercises to do on my own so that I only need occasional adjustments. When I do need to come in, it is a pleasure because he is both professional and enjoyable to work with. Some people are just able to radiate who they are and what they are about, and Dr. Morgan is one of them! His positivity alone has gone a long way toward my journey back to feeling great. Since my first session I was able to get back to my workout and this has had a snowball effect on my overall well-being. I sent my wife to him and it has been a game changer for her as well. You will NOT regret going to Dr. Morgan. I really can't say enough about what a wonderful chiropractor/physical therapist he is and what a difference he has made in our lives!

Our Mission

We strive to treat everyone for their individual needs in a timely manner, getting to the root of their symptoms.  Dr. Smith won’t keep you waiting and will not try to up-sell you on care that you don’t need.  

We believe in treating every person with the dignity and respect that they deserve.  Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Rates: Effective Nov 1, 2023.

  • 30 min Visit$75 + tax
  • 60 min Visit*$145 + tax
  • 90 min Visit*$210 + tax

*$25 off visit for New Patients; local tax rate 6.75%

Treatment Packages available upon request.

"Let’s say you (unsuccessfully) tried to hurl yourself into a handstand in yoga, and now your body seems to be punishing you for it. Make a call stat to Dr. Morgan Smith, who will do his best to get you in quickly—especially if you tell him you’re “in agony”; he’s got a soft spot for that. After a series of chiropractic adjustments followed by a knot-busting deep-tissue massage, your aches and pains will melt away. The best part: a zero-pressure attitude, with no push to sign up for a regular plan."

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