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Dr. Smith addresses Ergonomics as an aspect of every painful problem that he treats.  The longer we sit at our desks and perform repetitive activities, the more important postural stress becomes.  Treatments for many conditions benefit from reducing daily stresses on our bodies. If you are seeking help with Ergonomics in Placitas or the surrounding areas of Bernalillo, Rio Rancho, Abq, or Santa Fe call or schedule online.

Ergonomics | Abq


Ergonomics is the science of designing the workplace.  This requires keeping in mind the capabilities and limitations of the worker. Poor work site design leads to fatigue, frustration and sometimes injury. This rarely leads to the most productive work environment. More likely, it leads to discomfort, lower productivity and poor quality of work.

By making ergonomic improvements to the work space, you are removing barriers to higher performance. You are providing yourself an environment that is conducive to both health and productivity.  Ultimately this may contribute to both your own happiness and to your company’s bottom line.

Poor ergonomics can contribute to neck pain, low back pain, herniated discs, and repetitive stress injuries in the arm, wrist and hand.

Incorporating into Care

You are the most important part of your work environment.  How much attention do you pay to the way you sit?  Do you take needed breaks as often as you should?  Is stretching a part of your daily routine?  Would changing position over the course of the day (e.g. between sitting and standing) be a help or a hindrance for you?

Did you arrange your workstation with intent, or is it still they way that you found it?  Do you know where your monitor “should” be in relation to the keyboard, mouse, phone, etc.  How is your work envelope arranged?  We makes a point of asking these questions and more when workplace stress is contributing to a health issue.  Let us help you answer them for yourself.