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 Scar tissue can inhibit the mobility of tissues and lead to various chronic pain syndromes.  After a c-section delivery or following any operation, it is important for long term healing to treat the resulting fibrotic tissue appropriately. If you are seeking Scar Tissue Release in Placitas or the surrounding areas of Bernalillo, Rio Rancho, Abq, or Santa Fe call or schedule online.

Releasing Scar Tissue | Abq

Massage Treatment

Treating fibrotic tissue is a specialized form of soft tissue therapy.  Scars result from traumatic injuries, repetitive stress, and surgery.  Scars are a natural consequence of healing damaged tissue.  However, they create problems in their own right especially when scar tissue formation is excessive.

Excessive scarring disturbs normal mobility of the involved tissues and often leads to soft tissue swelling. These restrictive scars cause abnormal tissue tension which leads invariably to pain, sometimes locally and often at a distant sites.  To put it simply, fibrotic tissue hurts.

Hard scar tissue after surgery is very common.  These restrictions not only affect the joint, limb or surrounding area, but they can affect the underlying organs, too.  This is because fibrotic tissue has the potential to spread in any direction, including internally, throughout the body.  

Fortunately, releasing the scar can yield powerful results, which can improve  mobility, diminish complications and decrease the pain often associated with deep scars. Working with scar tissue helps to stimulate soft tissue remodeling, bringing the involved tissues back to a more normal pattern and configuration.

It is very common to develop scar tissue after back surgery, knee surgery, or a C-section delivery.  The injury, however, does not have to be so dramatic.  Chronic tendinitis also results in accumulations. 

Treatment Options

Sometimes scars require surgical release.  However, more conservative method should be considered first.  We use a number of massage techniques to mobilize the hardened tissues and reduce swelling.

Another more gentle approach is to use a Dolphin Neurostim unit to aid with fibrotic tissue release.  In general, this treatment is completely painless. The use of the microcurrent probes, on the tissue surrounding the scar, creates a healing, inflammatory response.  Dead cells and scar tissue are  broken down by the body; circulation is increased to the area; and the lymphatic system excretes the dead cells.  

Clients typically see visible changes in the appearance of the scar and gradually notice a reduction in the tightness and restriction felt at the site of the scar.  The duration of treatment will depend on how long you’ve had the scar, how deep it is, and the severity of any pain you may be having.  There is no expiration date on scar tissue.

Since the body’s fascial system is interconnected, a restriction or adhesion in one area will often affect other areas and result in compensation patterns and pain.  When a scar has been released there is no longer a restriction in the flow of energy, blood circulation and lymph drainage. The body can then complete the healing process.

Whether from injury or surgery, scar tissue can been significantly improved with MPS, Myofascial Release Techniques, Gua Sha, and scar tissue mobilization techniques.

Benefits of Scar Tissue Release

Scars, while often badges of honor telling stories of our triumphs and tribulations, can sometimes leave behind more than just a mark. Pain, restricted movement, and even emotional baggage can linger beneath the surface. This is where scar tissue release steps in, offering a gentle yet powerful approach to healing beyond the visible scar.

Breaking Free from Restrictions:

Scar tissue, though essential for wound healing, can sometimes overstay its welcome. This overproduction of collagen can lead to adhesions, tight bands of tissue that bind underlying structures, limiting your range of motion and causing pain. Scar tissue release techniques, like massage and specialized manual therapy, work to break down these adhesions, restoring lost mobility and alleviating discomfort.

More Than Just Physical:

The benefits of scar tissue release extend far beyond the physical. The process can also address the emotional ties we hold onto around our scars. By working directly with the tissue, we can begin to release the pent-up energy and emotional baggage associated with the injury or trauma that caused the scar. This can lead to a profound sense of emotional liberation and healing.

Unlocking Your Potential:

Whether you’re a weekend warrior nursing an old sports injury or someone living with the aftereffects of surgery, scar tissue release can be a game-changer. Improved range of motion, reduced pain, and a newfound sense of emotional freedom can all contribute to a better quality of life. So, if you’re living with a scar that’s holding you back, consider exploring the gentle power of scar tissue release. You might just surprise yourself with what lies beneath the surface.