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Holistic Body Work

Holistic Bodywork Placitas NM

Dr. Smith provides a mind-blowing array of holistic body work services at his Placitas, NM location tailored to fit each client’s specific needs. He has a lot of tools in his toolbox.

Acupressure Albuquerque & Santa Fe


Acupressure · Our tissues communicate directly through pathways outside of the nervous system.  Many forms of care that address the body through these pathways, including

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Dolphin Neurostim Albuquerque & Santa Fe

Dolphin Neurostim

Dolphin Neurostim · Dr. Smith uses the Dolphin Neurostim in Albuquerque & Santa Fe  to stimulate Acupuncture points with a Microcurrent of electricity.  This elicits

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Dry Needling Abq

Dry Needling

Dry Needling · Dr. Smith uses Dry Needling as an approach to treat muscle tightness, muscle weakness, trigger points, and myofascial pain syndromes.  If you

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ergonomics albuquerque & Santa fe


Ergonomics · Dr. Smith addresses Ergonomics in Albuquerque & Santa Fe for every painful problem that he treats.  The longer we sit at our desks

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kinesiotape albuquerque & Santa fe

Kinesio Tape

Kinesio Tape · Dr. Smith uses Kinesio Tape with his Albuquerque and Santa Fe clients to help support acute injuries; to help decrease chronic inflammation;

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Massage Albuquerque & Santa Fe


Massage Therapy Massage Therapy | Placitas, NM – We offer a wide variety of massage styles from gentle and subtle to deep and intense. While Chiropractic focuses

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Reiki Albuquerque & Santa Fe


Reiki · Reiki approaches healing in a natural and gentle way focusing on the energetic systems of the body.  It is sometimes used to address

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Reiki Instruction Albuquerque Santa Fe

Reiki Instruction

Reiki Instruction · Dr. Smith attained the level of Reiki Master in 2010.  He practices Reiki at his office between Albuquerque & Santa Fe on

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Sound Healing Albuquerque & Santa Fe

Sound Healing

Sound Healing · Dr. Smith combines the vibrational energy from crystal singing bowls with Reiki to address stagnant energy in the body and provide a

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